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MTSS is a multi-step, data-driven process of providing instruction and support to promote the success of all students. Walsh uses evidence-based interventions to provide targeted academic and/or social/emotional skills. Our goal is to provide high-quality instruction, intervention, and prevention matched with student academic and/or social emotional needs.
The use of a data-driven problem-solving process is the backbone of an effective Multi-Tiered System of Support. The Problem-Solving Process (PSP) provides schools the tools to continually identify goals, analyze root causes, set forth action steps, and evaluate and adjust instruction and interventions to ensure continuous improvement in student performance. School-based teams use relevant data to examine progress of students across a variety of settings (district or school-wide, grade level or classroom, individual students). The Problem Solving Process (PSP) in an on-going cycle based on 4- steps: Define the Problem. Identify the goal. Analyze the root causes of the problem. Develop and implement a plan. Evaluate response to instruction and intervention.